Wilberforce Academy 2021 Member

“I came to the Wilberforce Academy to find information that I could use to win arguments on hot cultural topics. Instead, I left seeing Christ exalted and distinct in word and deed, and that Jesus himself is truly the greatest ‘argument’.”

“I saw that Jesus is the greatest ‘argument'”


Wilberforce Academy 2021 Member

“An absolutely fantastic week of brilliant teaching which has made me aware of the state of the nation and the biggest threats to Christianity and the areas in which we need to take a stand for the gospel.”

“An absolutely fantastic week”


Wilberforce Academy 2021 Member

“A life changing experience, calling us to radical Christ-centred change. Best decision of my adult life so far.”

“A life changing experience”


Wilberforce Academy 2021 Member

“The Wilberforce Academy experience has been challenging, uplifting and eye-opening. It has been the most impactful week in my Christian life. “

“Most impactful week in my Christian life”


Wilberforce Academy 2019 Member

“An invitation to lay down one’s life for the cause of Christ with others in thought and deed… it has encouraged me to be a Christian in the public space!”

“An invitation…”


Wilberforce Academy 2018 Member

“It has awakened my heart in areas where I’ve become passive in my faith… – accepting culture and everything with it. I feel like this may set me up for a specific call… and how God wants to use my degree for His glory.”

“Awakened my heart”


Wilberforce Academy 2018 Member

“It has been transformative: changing how I engage with culture, how I apply the scriptures to every day life and it has inspired me to be an advocate for the voiceless. So many things remain with me, and my pages and pages of notes will be revisited in the years ahead. My reading list has increased, but so too has my boldness. I grieve for how far the UK has fallen, but I am encouraged and feel empowered to make a change.

[The Wilberforce Academy] gives you the chance to engage with high quality academic research, to think deeply about what it means to live out our Christian faith in our various contexts and, vitally, the Academy empowers the next generation “to be the change”.”

“It has been transformative”


Wilberforce Academy 2016 Member

“I feel as though I spent a week with scores of budding William Wilberforces – what a privilege!

It is difficult to put into words how worthwhile the Wilberforce Academy has been– it should be compulsory for every Bible-believing Christian who wants to make a difference in this world for Jesus! It has upturned, made sense of and been more helpful than 6 years of university ‘education’. It has revolutionised everything for me and I feel so encouraged – can’t wait to go apply it!”

“What a privilege!”


Wilberforce Academy 2012 Member

“It’s been a fantastic experience – the people that we’ve met, the conversations we’ve been able to have, and some of the teachers we’ve had from around the world have been absolutely amazing – deeply challenging, deeply inspiring… any young, aspiring Christian leader needs to be on the Wilberforce Academy.”

“Deeply challenging, deeply inspiring”


Wilberforce Academy 2015 Member

“I have had a genuine change in attitude towards the pursuance of an eternal mission. Doing nothing is no longer an option. I’ve also made friendships I know will last a long time, if not a lifetime.”

“Lifetime friendships”