Wilberforce Cultural Leadership Programme in partnership with Crosslands

If you’re looking to apply teaching from the Wilberforce Academy to your vocation, church life and everyday conversations, the Wilberforce Cultural Leadership Programme is for you.

Delivered in partnership with Crosslands, this exclusive programme will provide you with the practical tools you need to engage the culture around you – whether in the workplace, with friends in the pub, or your own local church. 

You’ll receive teaching from Dr Dan Strange (Director of Crosslands Forum, former College Director at Oak Hill Theological College, Wilberforce Academy faculty member, and author of the recently published ‘Making Faith Magnetic’) and Jen Charteris (Former Strategy and Change Consultant and Executive Director of Crosslands Training), equipping you to critique and engage culture with a Biblical framework, share Jesus in ways relevant to those around you, and grow in your leadership skills and influence.

What will I be doing?

The programme will be delivered through a mixture of online tutor led lectures and discussion, assignments, and guided reading. You will be given a copy of Dan Strange’s Plugged In which will provide a foundation for learning.

The core of the programme will be 5 sessions – taking place on one Saturday morning a month – with either Dan or Jen delivering the teaching live and facilitating the discussion. By completing individual assignments, a group presentation and engaging with programme materials, you will be equipped to confidently engage the world through cultural critique and apply this thinking to your work and everyday life.

For the group presentation, you will use the cultural analysis tools, and team dynamic insights, from sessions 1-4 to analyse a cultural trend or artefact and produce either a challenge or a new cultural product that seeks to advance God’s Kingdom. You will then present this in-person to the course leaders, representatives from Christian Concern and your peers.

Upon completion of the programme, you will be awarded the Crosslands Certificate in Cultural Leadership

When is it?

Sessions 1-4 below will be held virtually, Session 5 will be in person.

Session 1: Magnetic Points:  biblical framework for cultural and personal engagement and witness
Saturday 15th January 9am – 1pm

Session 2: Born to lead? Biblical perspective on leadership and growing as a leader
Saturday 12th February 9am – 11am

Session 3: Plugged In: Tools for cultural engagement, analysis and construction
Saturday 5th March 9am – 12 noon

Session 4: Collaborative Leadership: Team dynamics, collaboration, and leading others
Saturday 26th March 9am – 12 noon

Session 5: Team presentations
Saturday 7th May

Alongside the teaching sessions you will complete four individual written assignments, guided reading and a team presentation.

Read the full course information here.

Who is it for?

It is for those wanting to be equipped with the tools needed to engage the culture around them, whether in the workplace, with friends in the pub, or in their own local church. The programme is an extension of the thinking and teaching at the Wilberforce Academy, to give you the practical grounding to apply it to your everyday conversations.

Please note, this programme is only for those who can make all the dates. Session 5 will be held in person. we welcome applications from international delegates.

Wilberforce Academy alumni will have first-option on applying to the programme.

How much does it cost?

£295, with a £100 rebate after successful completion of the programme. This includes:

  • All teaching sessions
  • Tutor input and feedback
  • Course materials

How do I join?

You will need to apply using the form below, where you will outline why you would like to attend the programme. Successful applicants will need to confirm their place with a £50 non-refundable deposit.

There are limited places so apply today.

About the Course Leaders

Dan Strange is Director of Crosslands Forum, a new Centre for Cultural Engagement and Missional Innovation. He was previously College Director at Oak Hill Theological College in London where he lectured on Culture, Religion and Public Theology. He has written or edited several books at both the academic and popular level, including ‘For Their Rock is not as Our Rock: An Evangelical Theology of Religions’, ‘Plugged In: Connecting your faith with everything you watch, read, and play’ and the recently published ‘Making Faith Magnetic: Five Hidden Themes Our Culture Can’t Stop Talking About… And How to Connect Them to Christ’. He has been a faculty member of Wilberforce Academy for several years. Dan is married to Elly and they have seven children.

‘We either form culture or it (de)forms us. For the sake of our discipleship, and our witness, both as individuals and as churches, we need to understand, listen and engage our culture for Christ.  The Wilberforce Cultural Leadership Programme will not only give its delegates the biblical framework and practical tools to do this faithfully and fruitfully for themselves, but also to be able to lead and teach others.’  – Dan Strange

Jen Charteris, originally from South Africa, is Executive Director of Crosslands Training, which provides in-context theological training up to Masters’ level across the UK, Europe and the 10:40 window. Previously she spent over 25 years working in strategic change, organisational consulting, board and leadership development. She has been a senior advisor on major change programmes in government, defence, infrastructure and financial services, taught on various MBA programmes and at the UK Military’s Defence Academy, worked internationally with the leaders of Christian ministry organisations, and has many years of board experience. She is married to Hugo, a church pastor and planter in the north of England, and they have two adult children.

During my consulting career of more than 30 years I encountered very few fellow believers in senior leadership roles, and only a handful whose leadership and influence were demonstrably shaped by their faith in Christ.  The Wilberforce Academy is helping to nurture the next generation of Christian leaders whose influence in their chosen fields will be vitally important, and it is a joy to be able to contribute in a small way to their formation with this programme‘ – Jen Charteris

About Crosslands Training

Crosslands provides excellent in-context theological training and resources for churches and church leaders in the UK, Europe and 10:40 window. Find out more at http://www.crosslands.training