Teaching at the Wilberforce Academy focuses on the ‘why’ and ‘what’ of Christian involvement in public life, led by some of the world’s leading Christian thinkers and practitioners. Membership of the Wilberforce Academy begins with a week long intensive week and continues with refocus days, coursework, and the advanced residential programme.

The residential week is clearly structured to build an understanding in delegates of the cultural moment we are in. Looking at the present culture with a wider historical, social and theological context we are able to truly understand the issues facing Christians today.

Each day a new theme is addressed.

Day One – Inheritance & Legacy

If we are to fully understand our present cultural moment, we must know something of how we got here. What is our Western Christian heritage, how did it come about, and why are we now at a critical point in our history?

Sessions include:

– Christian Perspective on Culture

– The State of the Nation

Day Two – Lordship & Culture

Culture is the public manifestation of religion – from art and architecture to law and education, a society protects and perpetuates the values that it holds most strongly. How should the Christian relate to and participate in culture, and what can we do about building a culture that truly honours Christ as Lord?

Sessions include:

– Cultural Apologetics

– The Christian Political Task

Day Three – Sovereignty, Justice & Law

The Christian understanding of justice is grounded in the doctrine of God, his nature and his sovereignty. If God is truly Lord of all (Ps. 97:5; Acts 10:36), then his Word has something to say about every area of our lives, and especially about law and justice – how we as God’s image-bearers interact with other image-bearers.

Sessions include:

– Why Bother with Biblical Law?

– Legislating Morality

Day Four – Life & Health

The word ‘health’ is rooted in the idea of ‘wholeness,’ of both body and spirit. Life and health issues are issues of nature and authority. Human nature is defined by God, and a true, whole understanding of life and health involves the way we think about the unborn, the aged and infirm, as well as marriage and sexuality.

Sessions Include:

– Beginning and End of Life Issues

– Homosexuality and Transgenderism

Day Five – The Art of Freedom

The historic freedoms of the Christian West are under threat from both a pervasive secularist ideology that would restrict Christian worship to Sunday mornings, and from an encroaching politico-religious ideology of Islam. We must understand how to respond to these doctrines as we seek to rediscover the true freedom given by the gospel.

Sessions Include:

– The Nature of Islam

– Theology of Arts and Culture